Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The golden fever #2

Second article on my new project, and, some plans about it.

I) Why will I use Stormcast Eternals to kitbash my custodes ?

 The first reason is, well, the price . I have a complete Age of Sigmar starter set undone, waiting for some intention. 

Secondly : the size and the similarities between both.

Pics from Games Workshop's website

Third, it's better to get an army with some differnces on the armours, like differents generations of warriors.

Fourth, you know me, I love kitbashing !

That said, I'm going back with my blades and glue... See you next time !

Monday, November 14, 2016

The golden fever #1

As far as I can renember, I always been fascinated by the Custodes . First of all, their appearance : massive guys in golden armour with some awesome combi bolter - spears . And, secondly, their role : Emperor's personnal guards . Everything is here to make me dreaming about those fantastic characters of the Warhammer 40k's universe.

Just before the first leaks of the Prospero's Burning  box, I was working on a Deathwatch army . You can imagine my surprise when I saw the Watchmaster mini with a custodian weapon named Guardian Spear . This was my excuse to kitbash a custodian mini to count as Watchmaster ! And here is the result :

Without being exactly on the right design, it's quite close from the fantastic drawings I've found on the Internet .  I've been very inspired by the fantastic work my friend Krauty (Eternal hunt) had already done on this subject .

Various Krautscientist's work on Custodes :

 But something was missing. I wanted mine taller than a regular marine or a terminator. And so, the solution came to me with the use of a Stormcast body. It's the right size, with a nice "artificer armour". I've find some examples still on the Eternal Hunt site :

First one by Ryan Stevenson

And the second by Noctus Cornix :

Those were enought to convince me that I was on the right track.

That's all for today. This first article is just the project's genesis. More to come soon. See you next time !

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Lest's have a test....

Hi guys, buddies, friends and bros. Tomorrow, I'll put my first painted mini on ebay as a test... I don't want to make it a business, but It's interesting to see how people are intesrted in your work.... you'll have some news soon. Have a good night, and enjoy the moon. Cheers Manu

Small update, the auctions are open ! And it's here

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

He's back..... with goodies Part 2 Thor, Odin...

Julian Bayliss, again.... With some new stuff... and, in my opinion, the best I've never seen !

All this stuff is just perfect! Both kitbashings and painting are awesome !

He's back..... with goodies Part 1 Dreadfleet

No, It's not Santa..... but Julian Bayliss. Here are his painted Dreadfleet minis...