Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The chosen one / The rules

Legatho's Warehouse presents

Painting and modelling contest

The rules :

  • One mini for INQ28
  • Any faction, race or gender is welcome
  • This character must be something like the paragon of his/her/its warband
  • The first pic must show the mini or the bits unpainted with the day's date
    (photo taken in front of a screen with universal time above)
  • The contest starts today ( 04/21) and ends in two months (06/21)
  • This is an open contest, so everyone is free to compete
  • if for some reason you want to participate without winning the lot is also possible. Just specify it in your first post 
  • The pics and differents comments must be mailed to legatho.warehouse@gmail.com
  • The pics will be published in Legatho's warehouse blog, facebook page and on
  •  Bitzarium's website
  • The winner's price is a 10€ coupon on the Bitzarium's website

Good luck to everyone !

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The invitational is ended... Hail Iron Sleet

So now, all the entries are on the web site...

14 entries and a bonus by no one else but John Blanche... What a great source of inspiration all around those minis... Go take a look at "The Invitational"

I'd like to congrats all the artists / contributors of this creazy project... and also a BIG THANK The Iron Sleeters for the idea and sharing this.

The ex sister / some wips / GGS Painting

She's now painted

Now some wips, 

A medical servitor :

Almost true scale Chaos marine old style :

And the base wip for the GGS painting contest :

Friday, April 10, 2015

New contest, new project

I'm invited on the french site "Gangeek style" zombie challenge....

The rules in french can be found here : Ggs painting

So my first entry goes on some kind of ÜberZombie.... Just call this "End level boss", and here I am with him for now...

Stay tuned for more !

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Plasma's death incarnation

She's coming ,

 the ex battle sister who, because of overheating its equipment, had her face completely burned . Made mad by grief , she is now just a killing machine , throwing himself on his enemies without fear nor any mercy .