Friday, January 30, 2015

March is 'Make a Mini from a Movie' month The Legatho's way =][= Part 2

Today I've done more work on the new Inq28 project/march challenge...

Yesterday, I posted here the "matrix" of the project... I've now finished it :

And this afternoon, I draw a first concept to put it on the inq28/Blanchitsu universe:

What do you think guys?

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I need some help

Because all we always need are bitz... and sometimes the stores are empty or too expensive

 Legatho's Warehouse Need You For Bitz Trading

Dear followers, readers, friends... Does anyone of yours got the fillowing bitz? I really need those to keep my mind on the mini I'd like to do for the March Challenge on the Ammobunker

Wracks pilot arms

Eldar guardian bare head

Cadian Command Squad Leader legs

I've got some differents bitz to trade with... and if you got some unused stuff, I'd be glad to trade with you.

Looking for things / bitz
-Empire bitz
-Eldar bitz
-Dark eldar bitz
-Dark elves bitz
-High elves bitz
-Astra militarium bitz
-Skaven bitz

Trading bitz I have

-Space marines bitz
-Chaos space marines bitz
-Chaos bitz wfb
-Orks bitz
-Space wolfes bitz
- and some other differents things

Thank you for your answers.

 By the way, I'm looking for one, two or three volunteers to make a bitz trading forum in our small community, the Inq28 one's. Let me know if you are interest for being in this new adventure or if you think i'ts a bad idea... Post a reply or contact me at

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

March is 'Make a Mini from a Movie' month The Legatho's way =][= Part 1

In accordance with Master Builder's topic I'm creating a new plog which will be dedicated only to this project.

So, my choice goes on Legato Bluesummers :

He's an antagonist of both manga and anime TRIGUN and has the ability to use psychic powers to manipulate people.
It really is my favorite fictional character of his charisma and character. It is also the reason why my nickname is Legatho (with an " h" because the original spelling was already taken the first time I used it to log on a forum)
So I decided to go another way to create a figurine . I took out my old crayons and drew the basis of this character. For the rest , I will reproduce the frame on tracing paper to change or add few things.
Here's the frame I drew an hour ago :

Let me know what you think.
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Friday, January 23, 2015

Some things deserve a precision

Just a little note. You will have noticed that the banners have appeared on the site.

 I want to clarify that I am the instigator of their positioning. Why these banners ? The first on "Charlie Hebdo" does not deserve that I say more than "I am Charlie" .... the other, the "Temple Du Jeu" is just my favorite mini store. I hope they do not do not prevent reading.

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Some things that I have to share with you

The following minis are not mine...sadly... They're from my friend Julian whose giving me the privilege to be the messenger.

What was on the mail box :
"Hi mate. Heres some finished conversions for my dreadfleet project, Hope you like them. Made 29 in all, including some creatures!"
Off course I like them ! As always, those are some kind of masterpieces !

The word of the artist :
"Back when Dreadfleet was released, i was disappointed to find it was a game of ships. The ships looked great and the game seemed cool, but i was hoping for figures to match the wonderful artwork!
A couple of months back, i decided to make my own characters, some unique, whilst others were copies from the art of the book. I have made 29 so far, and i could easily treble that amount.
I have made 7 of the captains, crew members, sea creatures and other characters. Have to say, been my favourite project to date!
All the models are painted and i'm ready to start the next batch!
Anyone who has seen my usual paint style will find it hard to know these models are mine. The main reason is i have used a white undercoat for the first time ever!
Then all the colours are applied as washes. I tried to recreate the paint effect of the illustrations in the dreadfleet book. I am pleased with the way they look and enjoyed painting in this way.
I will update finished pics of the painted models when i get some decent photos! Lol
My favourite characters are the 3 Figure head females. I used Dryads as the source of the models. The idea for these is they have risen from the wreckage of their sunken ships seeking revenge. I could make a dozen of these, got so many ideas for them.
Hope you enjoy my models.


 More to follow soon.... Thank you mate !

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May the rot be with you

Some new pics to share today, I hope you'll enjoy.

In  my unsuccessful attempts to complete an army worthy of the name, I present Plaguebearers "regiment" I've made some weeks ago... Just one row left and the unit will be complete!

 The whole team
First row

Second row

A close-up of the filler

Next are some other players for the Bloodbowl team:

I especially like the one with the big horns , ready to skewer his opponents ....

 And another one very WIP
Various other things...

 A Mordheim cultist/carnival member (don't ask me where the weapons are)

And two rebased Inq28 members

Let me know what you guys think.

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Bitz addiction

Everyone got needs... and what I / We need are bitz.... Here are my "dealers".

Now that I have presented some artists and some minis , I must also tell you about those who provide me a lot of my "needs" . was the first french webstore I discovered. Every base bitz for Inq28 can be found on the site or on the ebay store at is "perfect" with his very balanced range of Bitz as well fantastic as futuristic.

Those two websites are always still registered in the list of my internet favorites and I admit that I spend hours and hours to " reference " the different bitzs I could need. The above example will go for patriotism to some, but I prefer to buy from them rather than bitsankits and others. They also have some facebook pages with the restock informations that are pretty usefull!

Guys, thank you for your French initiative shop of spare parts !

Thank you for reading

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A blast from the past part 3

Here is the third interview I got.... it's from THE best artist in my opinion... Julian Bayliss. For me a legend, a god.... a master of the sort. He hasn't be very "productive" those past times (I mean here that I haven't see some new pics of your minis my friend) but I think he's going to prepare about us something of which he alone has the secret...

"Greetings, my name is Julian Bayliss and i'm from England. I have been collecting and painting citadel miniatures now for about 36 years, this should give you a clue to my age, 44 but still think i'm 18! Lol

 I have won 5 golden demons, 1 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronzes. The first back in 2000 and the last back in 2008, ( i think...old age!)

 I have had 2 features in the Blanchitsu and an article about my chaos army featuring 2 war mammoths many years back now. I won the regional armies on parade at Plymouth and came second at the nec with my undead legion, shame GW only gave out a prize for first place then!
I like to see what other modellers are creating, but this is not my inspiration, i dont want to do what other people have already done. Instead i am inspired by artwork. The gamesworkshop artists are incredible. I would often find myself looking at a drawing of a model then looking at the model and thinking it was not even close to the excellence of the picture. This is why i started to make my own models from GW parts and more often now using more green stuff when i cant find a suitable part.
It is the black and white drawings that i find most inspirational, you cant get much more dark and atmospheric than that and it is reflected in my painting scheme of using a limited pallette, with grey featuring throughout.

 The worlds created by GW are always in war and as result my models reflect this, i never want to create a parade groung mini, but always a battle hardened veteran prepared for any situation.
My favourite parts come from the flagellant sprues, the skulls on chains find themselves on all my models. The heads are also really cool and full of character. Have loads of parts from the rest of the boxes though that i have never found a use for! Lol

 40K has never excited me like warhammer, but when i do venture into this realm its always to make a necromunda gang or inquisitor war party. Creating individual characters, each with a story, its almost like writing characters for a sci-fi movie, who are going on a journey, you probably have an idea who will survive the whole journey and who will be sacrificed on the way! Lol
John Blanche is a big source of inspiration to me, his drawings are so full of that character that i keep going on about, that i just have to make them into a model. The last necromunda gang i made was a completely unique escher gang using daemonette bodies and dark eldar parts,(shame the witch elves weren't available then!) John bought this gang off me, i thought he would like it as many of the images were taken from his sketches and even the femme militant range.
Currently working on a norse/marauder army with a Thor theme. Not based on the movie, just the characters from legend, got to say, found it very inspiring and enjoyable and as a result i have got an army that could kick anyones ass!

 I am supposed to come up with my favourite mini, but i dont have a stand out figure. I visualise the model b4 i make it and as it starts to take shape, but i have not yet been able to make the model as good as what i see in my head! This keeps me going i suppose, to get better! I have a few minis that are close to what i wanted to achieve. 1 that is necromunda/inquisitor based, is a servitor type tech priest, i used a flagellant head and he looks really sinister. He is controlling some spider skull servitors that scurry across the battle field looking for trophies for their master. The whole little vignette works really well.

 Hope there are some things of interest here for you, i could go on and on and on get the idea.

All the best


 Just an exemple of the art....

This was recorded in March 2014 a few days after the disaster from which the fact that it was never published. Some pics will follow later.

Thank you for reading

Zlatan Rotenmović

Usually, when I start a conversion, I do not know at all where I go.

 It was again the case with an old warrior of the chaos that went under the blade of my knife there a few months. At first I just wanted to do a paint test Nurgle . So I changed the hand that was botched and led to another, I changed the head and then added a spine to do this

Zlatan Rotenmović future captain of a Nurgly Bloodbowl team. I must admit that I am rather proud of the result !
Let me know what you guys think.

Thank you for reading

A blast from the past part 2

In my previous blog (Legatho's workshop), I had begun to question all the artists who inspired me. Did not drop that idea , so I would like to get those old interviews to repost here. So here they are.

The second one : 

Hi followers! Today is the time for an other blog :


Here's the universe of Jeff Vader... A lot of you have ever seen a part of his fantastic work in this year january WD's Blanchitsu. many of his figures, if not all, really kick ass. From Warhammer 40 with Orks, Grey Knignts or dark eldars to Inq 28, this blog i oOne of the best I've ever seen. 

Hi Johan and welcome to Legatho's workshop!

My name is Johan Egerkrans (AKA "Jeff Vader") and I´m an illustrator living in Sweden. 36 years old on saturday 22nd (yay!).

I´ve been more or less obsessed with the warhammer 40k universe since the age of 12 when I first came into contact with it. What I initially fell in love with was the orks (then still called "Space Orks") - the mix of humor, weird contraptions and the extremely well written background captivated me, as did Paul Bonners brilliantly rendered artwork and Kev Adams leering miniatures. At this time I didn´t play the game - I was just deeply fascinated by the world and the miniatures. 

A few years later me and some friends started playing Warhammer and Blood Bowl. When 40k 2nd edition came out it reminded me of how a cool place the the 41st millennium was and we started playing that as well as Necromunda which came out a few years later.

During all this time my focus was always on the miniatures themselves, the art and background and that´s how it is to this day. I´ve taken breaks from the actual hobby, sometimes for years, but I´ve always bought White Dwarf every month and generally tried to keep up. 

A few years ago I started noticing an increasing number of hobbyists creating miniatures for something called inq28. This inspired me to start modeling my own grimdark, John Blanche-infused, minis which led to me starting up Officifo Convertorum which in turn led to me befriending all these talented artists including John. That also led to me being featured in Blanchitsu in what was to be the last "proper" White Dwarf (something I´m naturally very proud of). 

When I play 40k (which happens about three - four times a year) I play my Blood Axe ork army which I´ve been collecting ever since 3rd edition when the new style plastics came out. 

Could you tell us your vision of Warhammer 40k/ Inq28?

I still hold the background book from the Warhammer 40.000 2nd edition box to be the best thing GW has ever produced ( with "Waagh the Orks" and White Dwarf 127 with the origin of the eldar as close seconds) . To this day it´s, in my humble opinion the definite version of the 40k world. 

What I like about it is the mythical quality of the book - it doesn't get bogged down in details. 

To me that´s what  40k is about -  MYTH. Events are happening on a cosmic, allegorical scale. It´s about larger than life heroes, mad gods, devastating intergalactic wars. A place where the individual human is completely and utterly insignificant, both existentially and in the eyes of its government, and what living in such a universe does to a person (which is where Inquisitor comes in).

What are your main sources of inspiration?

John Blanche - he´s the alpha and omega of everything warhammery. 

Jes Goodwin - I´ve always been captivated by his beautiful design sketches, perhaps even mow than the models themselves. 

Both these gentlemen have had a huge impact on not just my hobby but my work as an illustrator as well.

 Hobbywise it´s the talented members of the Inq28 community (who I now happily call my friends) - PDH; Migsula, The Spiky Rats; JNR, Kraut and the rest of the gang - too many to mention.

How do you choose your paint schemes? Do you stay on a coherency or did the mini told you how it want to be painted?

I try to keep to a pretty muted palette consisting of browns, beige, greys, off-white and black with blood red, cyan and metallics as contrast - at lest when doing imperial stuff. My orks are a little more colorful.

What are your favorites bitz?

The small rods from the Grey Knight teleporter backpack. They turn up in the most unexpected places in my conversions. 

Do you have any project on your workbench?

I always have a lot of unfinished minis on standby, biding their time. The one that really deserves paint is the Dark Eldar haemonculii made almost half a year ago - I really like that build but haven't worked up the nerve to start painting it…

Last step, choose one of your minis (your favorite one) and tell us why. I'll do the same with what you made I prefer.

My favorite is probably the cherubim (not very seriously nicknamed mr. Snuffles) I converted from a nurgling. He just oozes character and manages to be cute (which is rare for a 40k character) and creepy (which is less rare in 40k, but still hard to get right) at the same time. 

Okay, now it's my turn... and my choice is the Nurgle's Prophet... I love it because it really stands out figure that one usually sees, and even if it is not completed, charisma is omnipresent. 

 Thank you for you answer!

And if you don't have enought, please take some minutes to visit his other website:

I hope you were pleased to read those archives from another age.

Thank you for reading