Friday, January 23, 2015

Some things that I have to share with you

The following minis are not mine...sadly... They're from my friend Julian whose giving me the privilege to be the messenger.

What was on the mail box :
"Hi mate. Heres some finished conversions for my dreadfleet project, Hope you like them. Made 29 in all, including some creatures!"
Off course I like them ! As always, those are some kind of masterpieces !

The word of the artist :
"Back when Dreadfleet was released, i was disappointed to find it was a game of ships. The ships looked great and the game seemed cool, but i was hoping for figures to match the wonderful artwork!
A couple of months back, i decided to make my own characters, some unique, whilst others were copies from the art of the book. I have made 29 so far, and i could easily treble that amount.
I have made 7 of the captains, crew members, sea creatures and other characters. Have to say, been my favourite project to date!
All the models are painted and i'm ready to start the next batch!
Anyone who has seen my usual paint style will find it hard to know these models are mine. The main reason is i have used a white undercoat for the first time ever!
Then all the colours are applied as washes. I tried to recreate the paint effect of the illustrations in the dreadfleet book. I am pleased with the way they look and enjoyed painting in this way.
I will update finished pics of the painted models when i get some decent photos! Lol
My favourite characters are the 3 Figure head females. I used Dryads as the source of the models. The idea for these is they have risen from the wreckage of their sunken ships seeking revenge. I could make a dozen of these, got so many ideas for them.
Hope you enjoy my models.


 More to follow soon.... Thank you mate !

Thank you for reading


  1. Wow, those are really amazing kitbash models, very inspirational!

    Would you or Julian care to disclose on what bits were used for the legs of that girl holding the spear? Those sword legs look really cool.

    And those books on the bases of the first 2 minis, where are they from?

    Can't wait to see more of them, even tempting to make some myself now

    1. Books are from the flagellants. IMO mostly oc the girl bits are from dark eldar witches.. but i'll ask Julian for more.

    2. Hi, Legatho was right, the legs are from the dark elf witches, cut off at the knee and replaced with swords from off the witch elves sprues. Don't know if you know about this character, but in the book she was a mermaid with a tail, which she cut off and replaced with sword fish blades to walk on! Crazy!
      Be great to see your take on the pirates!

    3. Thanks guys, really appreciate the answers.

      I over-complicated it and thought the armoured knee caps where from some other miniature (thought they were from the Tzeentch Socerer Lord at one point! lol)

      Julian - I've had Dreadfleet for a while now but have not gone through the rulebook/background at all, I am hoping to... one day ;-)

  2. Amazing conversions! You friend Julien has some serious modelling skills!
    Love the fish conversions - very clever.

    Are you going to show us his painted cersions as well?

    1. Thanks for him Jeff ! I'm wainting for the painted pics.... Glad to see you love it!

    2. Thankyou Jeff, your kind words are very much appreciated!
      Soon as i get some painted pics i will let Legatho have them, Unfortunately this will take some time as i am terrible at taking decent pics!

  3. Julian, these are absolutely amazing!! Been a huge fan of your work for some time and hearing you are reversing your painting approach makes me even more excited about seeing these finished. I've personally found the bigger changes to my approach as the driver for the best work. Ps. We'd also like to feature your work at some point if possible (at Iron Sleet)

  4. Hi Migsula, Thankyou for your wonderful words. I would be delighted to have some models featured, thankyou!
    I must say the change of painting style may not be permanent! Trying this technique out to try to achieve a watercolour painting technique to reflect the wonderful pictures in the Dreadfleet book. Have to say though, i did enjoy painting like that, see what happens in my next project! Lol.
    Where will i find examples of your models, luv to see some!

  5. These minis are totally great and really inspiring, even for Inq28! Great job, man!