Friday, January 23, 2015

Bitz addiction

Everyone got needs... and what I / We need are bitz.... Here are my "dealers".

Now that I have presented some artists and some minis , I must also tell you about those who provide me a lot of my "needs" . was the first french webstore I discovered. Every base bitz for Inq28 can be found on the site or on the ebay store at is "perfect" with his very balanced range of Bitz as well fantastic as futuristic.

Those two websites are always still registered in the list of my internet favorites and I admit that I spend hours and hours to " reference " the different bitzs I could need. The above example will go for patriotism to some, but I prefer to buy from them rather than bitsankits and others. They also have some facebook pages with the restock informations that are pretty usefull!

Guys, thank you for your French initiative shop of spare parts !

Thank you for reading

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