Friday, January 23, 2015

May the rot be with you

Some new pics to share today, I hope you'll enjoy.

In  my unsuccessful attempts to complete an army worthy of the name, I present Plaguebearers "regiment" I've made some weeks ago... Just one row left and the unit will be complete!

 The whole team
First row

Second row

A close-up of the filler

Next are some other players for the Bloodbowl team:

I especially like the one with the big horns , ready to skewer his opponents ....

 And another one very WIP
Various other things...

 A Mordheim cultist/carnival member (don't ask me where the weapons are)

And two rebased Inq28 members

Let me know what you guys think.

Thank you for reading


  1. Hey man, just found your blog and have been really enjoying your articles.

    Decided I needed to let you know how great that first INQ28 model is and that I will definitely be using it as inspiration for my other Preacher I will be working on when my parts come on.

  2. I fear I didn't tell you before, but there's something about that henchman based on parts from a Space Marine and an old OOP plastic chaos warrior that I really love! And the Plague Bearers are actually looking amazing in the brighter photos!

    Excellent work all around!