Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Back from pain

Ashes to ashes

This will now be a year that has happened to me in my hobby a disaster whose full story can be found on my AmmoBunker plog. Following this, some friends of this forum have me send various parts so I can get back in the saddle. Since then, I started to paint, convert and vex certain minis and have developed a new style. The first that I attacked was a member of the World Eaters generously given by my very dear friend Krautscientist . This got me to be nominated to the third place of Hobbyst of the year.

 So I decided that, for him and the others, I had to re-create a blog as a tribute to their friendship.

Krautscientist, Jeff Vader, PDH, Theresponsibleone and Kebekoi this blog  is largely thanks to you.

One of my latest minis an arco-eviscerator for Inq28.

Thank you for reading


  1. Nice to see you carving out your own little piece of interweb real estate, Legatho! I will follow this blog with great interest...

    And thanks for your kind words and for being mentioned as a source of inspiration buddy!

    1. Oh - it´s spelled "Vader" by the way...

    2. How could it be otherwise? You're one of the pillars of Inq28.

  2. I can only echo Jeff Vader's words above: Thanks for the kind words and the shout out and Godpeed for your future hobby work!

    If I can make one small suggestion: I think you might want to change the font type you are using for the body of the post: It might become a bit tiresome to read longer posts in that format.

    Such concerns notwithstanding: Keep up the great work!