Friday, January 30, 2015

I need some help

Because all we always need are bitz... and sometimes the stores are empty or too expensive

 Legatho's Warehouse Need You For Bitz Trading

Dear followers, readers, friends... Does anyone of yours got the fillowing bitz? I really need those to keep my mind on the mini I'd like to do for the March Challenge on the Ammobunker

Wracks pilot arms

Eldar guardian bare head

Cadian Command Squad Leader legs

I've got some differents bitz to trade with... and if you got some unused stuff, I'd be glad to trade with you.

Looking for things / bitz
-Empire bitz
-Eldar bitz
-Dark eldar bitz
-Dark elves bitz
-High elves bitz
-Astra militarium bitz
-Skaven bitz

Trading bitz I have

-Space marines bitz
-Chaos space marines bitz
-Chaos bitz wfb
-Orks bitz
-Space wolfes bitz
- and some other differents things

Thank you for your answers.

 By the way, I'm looking for one, two or three volunteers to make a bitz trading forum in our small community, the Inq28 one's. Let me know if you are interest for being in this new adventure or if you think i'ts a bad idea... Post a reply or contact me at

Thank you for reading

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