Thursday, January 22, 2015

Portrait of an usual slaughter

Like many of you , I love the arco-eviscerators created by Kari Hernesniemi that were published in this month's Blanchitsu . He absolutely had to do mine. So this was the origin of this figure. Besides the chainsword arm, he looks nothing like the foundations that have served me of inspiration.Firstly because my base is a Plaguebearer Nurgle with a gray knight helmet , but also because I wanted something antiquated , as if , after hundreds of years of combat, it fell to pieces of flesh.And secondo because I find that the " rot" that emanates from this figure , fits well with shifted Inq28 universe.

Kari Hernesniem
i's version
And my own
I took really a lot of fun to convert and paint this mini wich now takes pride place in my showcase.
Thank you for reading.

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