Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Why forums and other sites are so important

Hello followers... Today, I wanted to share with you my point of view on the forums and sites speaking minis.

I do not know if I can quantify the number of hours I spend to visit the different forums and solo artists sites. 
The fact is that I always find interesting things that either ignite my inspiration, or gives me additional information as a tutorial of paint for example. I'm hanging on the forum Ammo Bunker since May 2013, and I must say that I have made wonderful encounters. To name a few, I would say mainly Julian Bayliss, KrautScientist, Jeff Vader, Logan, PDH, or more recently, Drazul and Weirdingway. I forget a lot, and that those who do not read their names do not feel insulted ... you will be all in my hobby. 
Forums, are in my opinion the basis of everything (virtually speaking of course). It includes topics "basic" just dealing Warbands or killteams but there are also fantastic initiatives like Jeff's "Inspiration" or  Thistle's "Lord Nurglii versions - the remix's" . It is also an opportunity to participate in small challenges as Masterbuilder "March is make a mini from a movie" . 
Subsequently, the sites are "solos" as Ironsleet, Officio Convertorum Eternal Hunt, Four go to war ... that we always visit for read and reread. But the main point is that we can find common ground with this or that artist and, suddenly, it is based on his experience and his designs for progressing. 

I come now to what prompted me to write this article. Here is a warband of the standard type I painted it there for two years :   

Inquisitorial warband 25 May 2013

The buildings were more than basic, no real conviction. There was no treatment other than the wash, I knew nothing of Highligting and I refused to dry brush. The result was bland, tasteless, and lacked a touch of color to enhance the figurine itself as a focal point.

And there is my latest one :

Radical Ordo Xenos Inquisitor "Methus Swaire" 17 March 2015

In my opinion, although I am far from being the painter of the year, it's quite much better! There something living on it... Both, painting and modeling evolved thanks to everything I've read at the expert advices that were given to me.

So, this is why I found all of those important for the hobby life. Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading


  1. Yeah, it is hard to express how important forums and blogs are for the hobby for me. In addition to inspiring me to new great heights in my own hobby projects, and giving new ideas, just being able to be constantly immersed in the hobby by looking at other peoples models keeps me excited to be a part of the community. This combined with starting my own blog (Between the Bolter and Me), I have never been so productive in terms of the hobby.

    Oh and your new inquisitor is awesome, you certainly have infused him with a lot of character. But I really like your guys from 2013. It really shows how simple, well considered conversions really can be powerful. Keep up the great work!

  2. Finding support in the hobby community, and finding new inspirations or different points of view on the same content is such an important part of staying productive and progressing as an artist. There's a great community in the Inq28/munda sites, and I find something new to inspire every day.

    I really like your warband and new Inquisitor.