Thursday, March 5, 2015

Creating an horror

So I'm doing more work on my Dark Mechanicus project...

And it's inspired from a lot of things....

First the work Of H.R GIGER (RIP) for all his art...

Second, an awful movie "Virus" but the idea of an electromagnetic virus is awesome!

And third, an Hellsing antagonist: Incognito

So now the horror it self :

I have a bit of work to do with the GS... but well... I'm happy with the result !
Let me know !

Thank you for reading


  1. Very cool miniature. But i would replace the barrel of the mortar with a more slim one, like the machine gun of Incognito. This would match better with the other details!

  2. Agreed about the grenade launcher - its pretty chunky. Also if you're going for an amalgamation of machine and flesh, couldn't the gun be fused to him instead?

    Geeat start though!

  3. Thanks for the comments and the tips.... i'll do an up on the day with the work done on the weapon... it's now looking like an old storm bolter... Stay tuned !
    @Jeff : There will be a chain from the weapon handle to the body (body pierced of course)