Friday, March 6, 2015

And so it's here !

A Northen bestiary... by mister Vader !

Today's not a day like the others... no bills in the mailbox, but an enigmatic green pack...

Johan's (Aka Jeff Vader) book Nordiska Väsen (Nordic beings)...So yep, as Johan means on his dedication, the whole book is in Swedish... but whatever... I'll try to translate it with some translation web site... So as Jeff shows the John's gift on his blog... I had to put it on mine.... (and a bit showing of by the way....) Lucky me ! A billion thanks my friend !

Thank you for reading


  1. That looks like a beautiful book! Enjoy!

  2. I was thinking of picking this up because I love Jeffs blog and the work he does on it but the only issue is is that I can't read Swedish.

    I know Jeff does wonderful artwork but I was hoping if you could tell me whither their is enough of it to make the purchase worth it.

  3. @ Tony Yep, It's a great book !

    @ Mathew... By owning this book, even it's in Swedish, you can make an easy translation with our friend Google... Of course it's a bit imprecise but, you can easily get the words on a good way... I can do this in French, so I think it could work on every langage ! And all this aside, Jeff's illustrations speak for themselves. If you have the occasion to get a copy, do not hesitate a sec ! It's a MUST have