Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cocorico ! A French artist on the blog !

You probably know this guy, or his work... Martin Grandbarbe aka BangDoll

Hi Martin and welcome to Legatho's warehouse
Could you introduce yourself?

Hi Legatho, 
my name is Martin Grandbarbe 32 years old and freelance miniatures painter. I live in France and start painting miniatures at the age of 11, because of my father who bought me the Eavy Metal Painting Guide
from Mike McVey (the Red one). So i paint since a long time now ^^ ! I started to play many games with my games like Warhammer, GorkaMorka, Necromunda or Warzone, but we played a lot with the new Confrontation game from Rackham.  Each weekend we played and only painted Rackham miniatures at this time, we also went often at Exhibit to meet the Rackham guys and of course watched the miniatures. 
So i started to paint more and to play less because i wanted to understand how these guys arrived to do so many beautiful miniatures, it was different and i didn't have internet at home when i was youth! Many years later i joined the Rackham team and paint in the studio for five and half years, it was a great experience i learned so much. 

Today i paint for different company as a freelance and try when i find the time to paint for me, i also do some online contest when i can but today i really want to have beautiful painted army because this is a really hard challenge and i'm ever afraid of the time when i can't paint anymore.... 

Could you tell us your vision of Warhammer 40k/ Inq28?

Oh i don't have any vision of 40k, i prefer to say that i ever love the actual vision of this very Dark Future where is it better to be a Deamon than to be Human.

What are your main sources of inspiration?

Essentialy the illustration and of course from John Blanche he is one of my favorite artist, i really like how he draw this madness but sometimes you can find a strange beauty in his work. 
I'm also a big fan of Giger, Katsuhiro Otomo, Tsutomu Nihei and Mamoru Nagano. 
I love nature and especially insect that are perfect creatures for me and the univers too. I love to have the sensation to be lost because of the amazing scale of space.
In miniatures i love the work of so many people that is hard to say who :) ! 

How do you choose your paint schemes? Do you stay on a coherency or did the mini told you how it want to be painted?

It depend how i'm working, when i paint for a customer i must do the work i'm asking for and don't have any choice. When i paint for me i quickly find how i'll paint the miniatures so i prefer to say that is the miniatures who "speak to me" and roll out :) !! 

What are your favorites bitz?

Good question ^^ ! I think Grey Kight and  Dark Eldar. 

Do you have any project on your workbench? 

Oh yes so many ^^ ! I think like a lot of painters.... I have actualy my first Inq28 warband made with old metal miniatures, a start of a Blood Angels army and Epic Imperial Fist. 
And some miniatures i have to paint as a gift for friends and other to do for diffrent contest. I never stop painting :D ! 

Last step, choose one of your minis (your favorite one) and tell us why. I'll do the same with what you made I prefer.

Ok that's not easy but i will choose my Dark Eldar Mandrake because this range is one of my favorite (thanks Jes Goodwin) and i fell in love with Mandrakes imediatly ! 
This design is so perfect, i very simple miniatures with a lot of character, it look like a japanese ghost. 
It was a real pleasure to paint it and i loved this project from the start to the end. I was also happy because i was lucky enough to win my first Gold in the 2011 French Golden Demon
with this one :) ! 

Ok so my turn now, and it's a bit hard to choose... I'm waiting for the unpainted ones you're doing for inq28 and I'll up the interview ;)

Thank you for your answer.

You're welcome Legatho thank you too and see you soon in the grim dark future :D ! 

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