Thursday, January 22, 2015

Zlatan Rotenmović

Usually, when I start a conversion, I do not know at all where I go.

 It was again the case with an old warrior of the chaos that went under the blade of my knife there a few months. At first I just wanted to do a paint test Nurgle . So I changed the hand that was botched and led to another, I changed the head and then added a spine to do this

Zlatan Rotenmović future captain of a Nurgly Bloodbowl team. I must admit that I am rather proud of the result !
Let me know what you guys think.

Thank you for reading


  1. Love this guy! Great use of that fly head!

    1. Thanks mate! We all have a bit of Nurgle in ours...even Krautscientist!

    2. Whoa there, buddy! ;)

      As I've said elsewhere, I think this guy is pretty much perfect -- especially given the very limited base model!

    3. A double thanks buddy! First one for the compliment and the second because the base was sent in your package!