Thursday, January 22, 2015

A blast from the past part 3

Here is the third interview I got.... it's from THE best artist in my opinion... Julian Bayliss. For me a legend, a god.... a master of the sort. He hasn't be very "productive" those past times (I mean here that I haven't see some new pics of your minis my friend) but I think he's going to prepare about us something of which he alone has the secret...

"Greetings, my name is Julian Bayliss and i'm from England. I have been collecting and painting citadel miniatures now for about 36 years, this should give you a clue to my age, 44 but still think i'm 18! Lol

 I have won 5 golden demons, 1 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronzes. The first back in 2000 and the last back in 2008, ( i think...old age!)

 I have had 2 features in the Blanchitsu and an article about my chaos army featuring 2 war mammoths many years back now. I won the regional armies on parade at Plymouth and came second at the nec with my undead legion, shame GW only gave out a prize for first place then!
I like to see what other modellers are creating, but this is not my inspiration, i dont want to do what other people have already done. Instead i am inspired by artwork. The gamesworkshop artists are incredible. I would often find myself looking at a drawing of a model then looking at the model and thinking it was not even close to the excellence of the picture. This is why i started to make my own models from GW parts and more often now using more green stuff when i cant find a suitable part.
It is the black and white drawings that i find most inspirational, you cant get much more dark and atmospheric than that and it is reflected in my painting scheme of using a limited pallette, with grey featuring throughout.

 The worlds created by GW are always in war and as result my models reflect this, i never want to create a parade groung mini, but always a battle hardened veteran prepared for any situation.
My favourite parts come from the flagellant sprues, the skulls on chains find themselves on all my models. The heads are also really cool and full of character. Have loads of parts from the rest of the boxes though that i have never found a use for! Lol

 40K has never excited me like warhammer, but when i do venture into this realm its always to make a necromunda gang or inquisitor war party. Creating individual characters, each with a story, its almost like writing characters for a sci-fi movie, who are going on a journey, you probably have an idea who will survive the whole journey and who will be sacrificed on the way! Lol
John Blanche is a big source of inspiration to me, his drawings are so full of that character that i keep going on about, that i just have to make them into a model. The last necromunda gang i made was a completely unique escher gang using daemonette bodies and dark eldar parts,(shame the witch elves weren't available then!) John bought this gang off me, i thought he would like it as many of the images were taken from his sketches and even the femme militant range.
Currently working on a norse/marauder army with a Thor theme. Not based on the movie, just the characters from legend, got to say, found it very inspiring and enjoyable and as a result i have got an army that could kick anyones ass!

 I am supposed to come up with my favourite mini, but i dont have a stand out figure. I visualise the model b4 i make it and as it starts to take shape, but i have not yet been able to make the model as good as what i see in my head! This keeps me going i suppose, to get better! I have a few minis that are close to what i wanted to achieve. 1 that is necromunda/inquisitor based, is a servitor type tech priest, i used a flagellant head and he looks really sinister. He is controlling some spider skull servitors that scurry across the battle field looking for trophies for their master. The whole little vignette works really well.

 Hope there are some things of interest here for you, i could go on and on and on get the idea.

All the best


 Just an exemple of the art....

This was recorded in March 2014 a few days after the disaster from which the fact that it was never published. Some pics will follow later.

Thank you for reading

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