Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Iron Sleet Invitational – ‘All your bases are belong to us” ... part 1

Uninvited but here...And yes, after all why not me?

So I decided to put my contribution on this fantastic challenge from Iron Sleet.... in case you were hibernating in recent days, here's the thing :

"What an amazing first month of Iron Sleet! We are most grateful and excited about the support and activity and have something special in store for you. The Invitational’s aim to be the most amazing celebration of Games Workshop miniatures and storytelling. The first one looks at the exciting new bases released and lets the participants to pick any three of those available.

Iron Sleet Invitational 1 – All your Bases Are Belong To Us
  • pick a strong theme that studies the Warhammer 40000 universe, or it’s history!
  • build and convert 3 models that are
  • each based on a differently sized citadel base that have been creatively enhanced to really tell the narrative and make it a group. (25, 32, 40, 50, 60mm… or biker base, or flyer or…)
  • we encourage to make the three individuals as different in physique, stature, movement, category as possible, while maintaining the group identity.
  • start and announce of invitational February 1st
  • WIP pictures in Black and White from all contestants March 1st. (but many bloggers intend to share their progress as they go, including us!)
  • Final results of finished miniatures April 1st
We’ve collected an incredible cast of friends and creative hobbyists and given them this brief. We also have pretty exciting plans ourselves to tackle this in style. However – Everyone should feel free to do this. We will make sure we feature and provide a forum for all the work born from this. And invite more people next time. Reason we have gone the invitational route is to make sure we have dedication and focus instead of big excitement and talk and very little results and walk as happens in almost all online challenges. These three models can be part of your on going project too, but equally creating something new that you’d like to explore for 3 models only.
Stay tuned,
Kari, Mikko and Migs"
So here I am.... the first entry will be the chrono-gladiator... 

The second will be the mule.... 

and I'm thinking on the last one.... Stay tuned for more!
Thank you for reading


  1. That mule looks the business! It's a fanastic use of bits and it comes together really nicely. The little servitor on top is a cherry on the cake really.

    1. Thanks mate... I have to confess when I build it, I wasn't sure of the way i'll be with... It absolutly useless, just an experiment.

  2. Nah, man! It'll work as a supply point. Or as an adjective marker? Perhaps in a scenario your caravan trader has to, with the aid of some hired guns, traverse an area and deliver the mule with it's goods safely. There is quite a bit you could use this fellow for! :D