Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Iron Sleet Servo-painters... part 1 Mikko

So... Mikko... an ex-Spiky Rat Pack... and now an Iron Sleet...

Hi Mikko and welcome to Legatho's warehouse!

Could you introduce yourself

Mikko Luoma,30, Helsinki, Finland, Been painting and converting GW miniatures since I was 10 year-old and I think I'll be continuing this until I die;) 
My work has been published couple of times in Blanchitsus but never slained a Daemon tho;)

Could you tell us your vision of Warhammer 40k

My vision of 40k is VERY Blanchian if you know what I mean;)
I literally grew up studying John Blanches artworks and that left me with a mark of Blanchitsu forever. Basically everything weird and grim fascinates me.
Fortunately there is still some unexplored territories in the 40k universe where I am free to roam and create my art.
My mission is to study the 40k mythos and create my own interpretations, this means that if I choose to re-design Squat warrior for example I don't try to replicate what was made, no, I want to go my own way! its re-designing not a retro-trip;)
This often confuses my fellow hobbyists who expect me to re-create rather than re-design.
I used to love when 40k was full of mysteries, half of the troop types in the army lists didn't even have miniatures, so you had to convert your own. Horus Heresy was only briefly noted in Codexes. See my point? Everything tends to get over-explained when they write not just one book, but whole god damned series of books about every aspect of the 40k universe and that my friend kills the mystery out of 40k unfortunately. 

What are your main sources of inspiration

John Blanche's artwork. John is a master creator extraordinaire. His Art is all you ever need to know about 40 mythos, you know, every thing is there in a way. Its 40k in a purest form.

How do you choose your paint schemes? Do you stay on a coherency or did the mini told you how it want to be painted?

Nowadays less is more for me, I try to work as little elements as I can. I have recently discovered that its not about what you paint but its what you want to tell. Its a story in a way and to me, its more about what you dont paint rather than what you paint. Things you can't see is what feel most interesting;)

What are your favorites bitz?

I really love every single bit GW has produced. Im a GW fanboy hard core.

Do you have any project on your workbench?

At the moment I'm working on a very interesting project that takes me back into the birth of Astartes. Please follow Iron Sleet to know more about it;)

Last step, choose one of your minis (your favorite one) and tell us why. I'll do the same with what you made I prefer.

The answer to your last question is very simple - whatever project I'm working at the moment.
Thats my favorite. I try to look forwards, never backwards;)

So those are the latest....

My turn now... And I've choosed your entire Squat army "The Brotherhodd of Steel"... Both ideas, kitbashing and paintings deserve all the attention...

Just a little sample of the army.

Thank you for answering!

Thank you for reading

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  1. Great interview from a very talented fellow. Without a doubt my favourite contributer to Iron Sleet. So modest and yet so brilliant!