Monday, February 23, 2015

Some questions without gravity... Four go to war!

In the grim nightmare of the far future there is not only war... there is Henry South too!

Hi Henry an welcome to Legatho's warehouse!

Could you introduce yourself?

Hi, my names Henry South, I'm 31, from the UK, and I've been doing this hobby since I was about 13 with a big 8 year break while I was sorting things out and getting tattoos and doing my book learning, carried on reading the books though as the 40k Universe is just incredible. 
By trade I am a Visual Effects artist for film and TV. Some of my titles include, lead texture artist on Gravity, Harry potter 6-7, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc. So the hobby is just the physical version of what I do all day anyway. 
I got back into it as a sort of zen stress relief while I was trying to arrange a mortgage in London. It helped a lot. And I ended up getting straight back into the hobby in a big way. I am yet to hold one of the Golden Deamons but last year I did get to hold an Oscar for Gravity VFX. Not as good obviously. 

Could you tell us your vision of Warhammer 40k/ Inq28? What are your main sources of inspiration?

From my first look at John Blanches artwork back in the early 90s I have had a very clear view of what the Warhammer universe would be to me. His paintings and drawings have inspired me in my career as a digital artist, my hobby as a miniature painter, and portrait artist. It had a truely profound effect on me. This galaxy spanning, crumbling empire that has no real leader but a corpse on a throne in its death throws still gives me shivers. 
And last year I got to meet the man himself to have my models photographed for Issue 8 of Warhammer Visions! They say never meet your heroes but John is a true gent and still keeps in touch for the annual Blanchjitsu piss up/INQ28 game, with some of the other contributors to the article. All amazing artists in their own right. 

How do you choose your paint schemes? Do you stay on a coherency or did the mini told you how it want to be painted?

Being from a real world texturing background I usually think about how the thing I'm painting would be used. The knights I'm working on are a good example of this. Huge monster machines stomping across battlefields. Not much time to repair, not much thought to repaint. So scratches and wear on the armour and joints are given a lot of attention. This is always the first thing I think about. After that I'll usually sketch out colours on computer or in a pad and try and come up with something that works. The best tip I can give is to add a little blue to your black to make it look deeper. 

What are your favorites bitz?

Has to be the Militarum Tempestus Scions! I could tear that box apart 100 times and still come up with different characters. You'll probably find a bit from that box in nearly every mini I make. 

Do you have any project on your workbench?

My 30k Knight Household. I can't stop making those beasts and their lord will be quite unique. 

Last step, choose one of your minis (your favorite one) and tell us why. I'll do the same with what you made I prefer.

It has to be my female inquisitor. I spent no time planning it. I saw exactly what I wanted to do, tore up 20 models and made it. Straight from my head to the mini it felt like it was just waiting for the right time to happen. Haven't had as much fun making a mini as her. 

Ok, so my turn with....

The Mechanicum Mother Superior

Concept, kitbashing and painting are SO perfect!

So thank you Henry!

Thank you for reading


  1. Thanks for the interview dude! It was a pleasure. If anyone is interested in my work you can find it at

  2. Thanks for the great interview, Manu! Fun to read! Henry is a boon to our 40K G+ community - always encouraging and inspiring.