Monday, February 9, 2015

We had to make some alterations when he was a child. The Cursed Earth's a tough place on young folks. Part 2

Just a small update in here....

KrautScientist said : "I love everything about this guy except for the head -- it's just way too big and makes the model veer dangerously into comic territory, of you ask me. Replace the head, and you have a true winner on your hands. Just my two cents, of course ;)"... So mate, I've listen ! 

Now, here's a killer face. An other clockwork psychopath is born.

Thank you for reading


  1. Yes, much better! Is that a head from the plastic chaplain, though? If so, I am kinda jealous ;)

    Whoa, I just realised that you actually used one of those terrible old Saurus bodies I sent you for this guy's body -- mate, that is EXCELLENT! Inspired kitbashing!

  2. Thanks mate! Yep it's the chaplain's head....